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Canon M200 - thoughts?


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It seems the small compact competent cameras are slowly disappearing, and Canon is slowly letting the EOS M line die. But it doesn't matter if a camera model is a fit for your needs, and I have been looking again at the M200 as a "better Lumix GM5" successor - since Panasonic- will I will never forgive them for :) - let the MFT GM line die.

So I want to know if anyone has one and what you think? Seems like a perfect change-lens ultra compact. Seems like Canon would cover my needs with that 22mm pancake, the 55-200 tele zoom and the 32mm F1.4.

This may seem crazy having a MFT EP7, but the EP7 focus isn't as good in lower light. Looks like the M200 may be better here and faster, plus more useful face detect.

Anyway I am just mulling this. I welcome image samples and comments "good" or "bad."

Thanks in advance.


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I was looking for a compact camera and the Canon M line never did it for me because I insist on a viewfinder, among other things. I opted for the Fujifilm x-e2. It just did it for me.

Oren Grad

I have an M50 set with the 22, 11-22 and 15-45. For my taste, the controls on the M200 are too pared down for comfort, I also prefer having a viewfinder, and the M50 is itself pretty small.

That said, I think the sensor is the same and the AF is going to be comparable if not identical. Both are competent enough for the casual snapshooting I do with the camera. I like the 22 and the 11-22 very much. The kit zoom is evidently prone to substantial sample variation; mine does OK in the wide-to-normal range where I use it, less well at the long end which I don't much need.


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Thanks. I understand the need for EVF for many and though I find myself needing it a bit more now as my eyesight nor requires glasses, my priority here is smallest.

Thanks for letting me know.


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Got one today. I must say I am rather impressed with the feature set and how easy the UI is.
AT the same time, a bit mad Canon is killing the EOS M system slowly. It's sad. It's like all capable small interchangeable lens cameras with decent AF are extinct.