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Canon RF or EF?

Jorgen Udvang

Subscriber Member
RF vs. EF: 3-0

But if I didn't see them side by side, and there was 10 minutes between the view, I wouldn't be able to see which is which, except for the unsharpened f/1.2.


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The biggest difference is in price and not so much the image quality at f/2.0 and higher. At f/5.6, I like the EF better and at F/1.2 the RF is slightly sharper with a just a bit more micro contrast, but the EF has more character. I shoot primarily portraits, so this quality is very important. The RF is better corrected for color fringing, but with just a few tweaks, the EF looks very close to the RF. So, for me it was an interesting comparison because I wanted the RF to be so much better because it cost more, but the fact is, for this demo the EF version is just as good in so many settings. Sometimes sharpening can lead to distracting artifacts, but the EF handles this beautifully. I've attached a comparison showing the slightly sharpened EF to the SOOC RF to illustrate how to mimic the RF with very little effort. Also, the colors rendered by the EF seem more accurate too.


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