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Captyure One 11 out, supports all Leicas

scott kirkpatrick

Well-known member
The newest release came out a day or two ago. It's a paid upgrade from 9 or 10, but has new function -- including layers for local adjustments. It can handle new Leica cameras, like the CL, albeit with a generic profile. I've used it on some of the CL dng files that you can find on the web.


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Unfortunately, that's not quite true, Scott. M10 is still in "Preliminary support", the CL is not supported as of yet, but C1 can open its generic DNGs. As always C1 still doesn't support Medium Format Leicas, and there is no tethered support or Live view for any Leica. Here is the official list out of C1 literature:

Leica SL
M (Typ 240)
Leica M Monochrome
Leica M10 Preliminary support in 10.2
Leica M-P
C (Typ 112)
D-Lux 5
M (Typ 220)
X (Typ 113)
X Vario
T (Typ 701)
V-Lux 4
D-Lux (Typ 109)
D-Lux 6
Q (Typ 116)
D-Lux 4
Digilux 3
Digital Module R

Best regards,



Well-known member
Well, the ‘preliminary’ support was with 10.2 - and it worked superbly also with the M246
Still, I found the post's title a bit misleading - basically, C1 v. 11 supports exactly the same Leica cameras that C1 v. 10 supported. No differences. Scott's post title made me hopeful that something HAD changed, especially when it came to MF Leicas... :)

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