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Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 35/1.4 AEG + CY-EOS adapter - 800€


New member
I'm waiting for this amazing lens in mint condition - 9/10

It includes both original caps and CY-EOS adapter.

I think I don't need to talk much about it since it is very well known by all users. I have one and it is my favourite lens. As I don't need to keep two of them I'm selling this one.

I'll post some pictures as soon as it arrives .

Price: 800€ including EU shipping and Canon adapter.

Any doubt please just contact me.



New member
The lens arrived today!

It is in really mint condition and the adapter has no chip!

I'll post pictures next Friday when I get some free time to shoot the equipment!

I'm open to realistic offers.


New member
Klaus I thought you already knew me. I already did many sales here and on another places where I was waiting for the equipment from trustable friends.

I said in the first post I was waiting for the lens so I don't see why it leaves a strange impression. I tried to announce that the lens was arriving and if someone has interest I can give more details...



I was very pleased with the transaction with Ivo, until I opened the parcel. It definitely was not as described. It was described as "MINT" and you can judge it yourself with those pictures I attached. I don't mind those minor paint loss on the lens body and even the scuff on the rear side of barrel BUT not for those BIG SCRATCHES on the inner side of anterior element.(pic D35_03.jpg-D35_05.jpg)

When contacting Ivo about the return, here were the responses I have gotten:

Jor I'm sorry about that but I can't accept the return. I described the lens with photos and I didn't see any scratches on the optics at the time. I'm not telling that they are not there but I didn't noticed and we did the deal without anymore questions. With the price I sold it you won't get any better than that one too in my opinion.

Another problem is that as you are located outsideof EU I'd have to pay something like 30% of the price when it arrives to our customs... So this is not right and fair.

If you are not happy with the lens you can sell it for the price you bought it to me without problems as it was a great price.

I'm sorry again but I can't be responsable for that return when we are dealing items with many years and no warranty.

Hope you understand.


I can not in good conscious recommend this member to anyone.
If Ivo wishes to contact me about this again and we can come to a resolution I would be willing to revisit this recommendation.



Active member
If this is really as it appears it's shameful!

As a seller, you can't claim something as "mint", then give the excuse that its "old", or say that not enough questions were asked, when it has obvious condition problems. Mint is mint, period. Age has nothing to do with it. I am interested in a 35/1.4, but I certainly would not have paid 800 (or 750, or 600 even) euros for the lens as, pictured by linjor.

We all owe it to each other as forum members to be conservative in our ratings. All but one of my purchases here have been great (and the one negative deal was pretty minor). I hope we can keep it that way.


New member
I'm assuming the front cap was on when it was delivered and the lens bubble wrapped? Any damage in the packagin when the lens arrived?
IMO, the marks don't look like they were during transit.
I don't know how the seller can call this lens mint.
Are we conducting ourselves with "If not asked, don't tell" attitude in this forum? I always thought the best way to win over buyers was to be up front and conservative in describing items.

Seller should get this resolved soon, otherwise I imagine the seller would have a hard time selling anything else here..


The cap was still on when I opened the parcel and the parcel itself was intact.
And those scratches were located inside the lens, the inner side of the front element, not on the surface. Must from poor CLA.


That's bad..Can the seller clarify? I almost bought this lens.


New member
I don't think that there is anything to clarify. The seller is a crook period. And he claims that he posted pictures which is like postal stamp sized and at f/0.9. Give me a break.


New member
If paid with paypal file a claim even though it would not help much. If you funded with your credit card call your credit card company and file a dispute for a charge back. That is your only option. Hope you used your credit card and you will be fine. Let him deal with paypal later.



A quick browse of your posting history. There's not a single contribution to the forum with the exception of selling gear (with the impression of ..hey. .i happen to have an extra <brand name> camera.. but i don't really need 2 of them.. so this one's for sale).

Are you a photographer or a used camera salesman? Do you have anything besides sales to offer the forum? This is a community.. and if you browse, you'll find that even the large vendors contribute to it, with information, experiences and pretty good photography. People offer items for sale.. but that is *not* the purpose of the forum.. it's a benefit.