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Choice to make or 645z vs. H5D-40


New member
just to say that in medium format film the pentax fa 35 kicked the butt of the hassy 35 in every review by a long mile...just to say something about the quality of pentax glass....the 300 f4 400 5,6 120 macro 75 and 55 2,8 are top notch, the new glass most have nobody stabilization and are top notch. probably they are not leica, but i'm sure they compete hand in hand with phase one mamiya and hassy.

by the way my most used lens is the a35, a lens of 30 40 years probably, stopped down i doubt you can find a sharper lens corner to corner with nonexistent ca and just a tiny of distortion out there. and it costed me 300 euro.

P.S: last day i had my back pack open and my 645d plus 35 fall down at home from 1,7 meter!! incredibly the body suffered not even a scratch, probably the lens it the soil before diminishing the impact of the body, the lens suffered a bump to the filter ring. it's all metal and that spot is not curved inside and i cannot mount any filter. do you know a way to straighten it?


Workshop Member
Thanks for advice, but mamiya/leaf is not an option for me. Don`t like DF body at all.

Mamiya/leaf/phase is compatible with lots of bodies: 500, contax, h1/h2/h4x/h5x, RZ, tech cam, view cam. That's the whole point of the open platform approach.