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Classic Leica Lens Sale; 28mm, 35mm, 90mm [Plus Half-Cases for Film M]


Hello All,

As part of trimming down the collection, I'm selling off a number of Leica M and LTM mount lenses. I am a longtime member here and other rangefinder/photography websites. Please ask all questions with direct PM, and happy to share more photos of each item. Thank you

Leica Summaron 35mm 2.8 LTM -This is a very rare original LTM Screw Mount Summaron. Please don't confuse it with many of the later M-mount lenses that have their mounts removed to "look" like the original LTM version. This lens is from 1959 (the last years of the Leica IIIG and not many were made). One way to tell the original ones is that they only close focus to 1 meter and not .7meters like the later M-mount M2 version.This lens was recently fully CLA'd [Cleaned, Lubed, and Adjusted) by Youxin Ye and has very good glass. The front and rear coatings and surfaces are very good with focus being extremely smooth and aperture with appropriate clicks. There is some very minor residual cleaning residue can be seen from the rear very near the edge, but this is purely cosmetic and outside the optical path. This is as good a shooting example that you can find.This lens is great with an adapter to a Leica M body, or for use with a variety of adapters on other systems. Optically the 35mm F/2.8 Summaron is one of Leica's best all around lenses and being in good condition this rare lens will only continue to appreciate in value. Comes with front and rear caps.Price: $1925.00

Leica Summaron 35mm 3.5 LTM -This is probably one of the smallest and well built lenses Leica ever offered. It is built like a tank and will last forever. This is a post-war 1952 model with very clean front and rear elements. Some haze is to be expected (and is present) for a lens of this vintage, but it is still a great shooting lens.This comes with a rare and original Leica "bubble" case with the Leica front cap. The focus and aperture are in good working order. At the middle apertures this is a lens that is very very sharp with a beautiful classic rendering. Everyone needs to shoot one of these at least once in their life! Price: $565.00
IMG_5116.JPGIMG_5118 - Copy.JPG

Leica Elmarit 28mm 2.8 Version 3 -This 1982 lens is perfect if you want the famous "Leica Look" that was made famous by Walter Mandler lenses. It is very sharp in the center with that subtle and smooth falloff. This was Mandler's last [and best] 28mm design. The glass on this lens is extremely clean for its age on both front and rear elements. There is some internal black paint discoloration that can be seen around the inner rear element, but that is purely cosmetic and outside the optical path. It just happens with certain lenses due to age, but has zero affects on image quality or use. Yes, a modern 28mm F/2.8 ASPH is a smaller lens, and probably a tiny bit sharper wide open, but the overbearing contrast and lack of subtlety in modern lenses makes this pre-ASPH Version III Elmarit still a favorite to real shooters.The 28mm Elmarit is slightly longer for a 28mm because of the retrofocus design allowing for not as deep rear element which makes it perfect for both film and digital bodies. The focus is smooth and the aperture clicks nicely. It is a lens that has great ergonomics and handles well. aThis lens comes with the very rare [and expensive] #12536 hood that slides over the external pins on the lens and locks into place. It also will come with a high quality B+W E49 UV filter.This is a lens that has a beautiful and smooth rendering. Super sharp stopped down and great 3-D pop wide open. Very honest color rendering and my favorite 28mm for Black and White film! An amazing lens for people photography too! Only selling this version because upgraded to a 28mm Summicron ASPH for the extra stop; but actually prefer the rendering of this lens. It really is one of the best kept secrets in the 28mm focal length! Price: $1325.00

Leica 90mm F4 All Chrome -This lens is a very rare version of the 90mm F/4 Elmar in LTM. The serial of #6466XX dates to 1947 making this a post-war coated lens. Almost all of these 90mm Elmar lenses are either in black or in chrome with the leatherette around the portion of the barrel. These original "all chrome" 90mm F/4 Elmars are very VERY hard to find.This is a super clean example with great glass and smooth aperture and focus. The barrel and optical cell show matching serial numbers from the factory.One respected Leica value guide [] has this lens valued at $1400. Price: $825.00

Leather Half-Cases - Italian genuine black leather with red stitching. Beautifully made and great quality. Have two black ones, and also a nice brown one [can send pictures]- Price: $65.00 Each [Would do $60 each for more than one]
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