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cleaning / servicing copal SK lenses

I have bought a used cambo (SK digitar) lens, which is being shipped to me, and I am wondering what options I have for cleaning/servicing should it need it in the future, i.e. for internal dust or lubricating the copal mechanism?

with Copal not making the shutters anymore, I assume there are still service options available?
But with it being a cambo wrs mount, is there anything specific about that which I need to take into account?



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SK Grimes used to service Copal shutters it but is out of the game. On the Large Format Forum, people seem to swear by Carol Flutot.

Here's a recent thread where someone recommends Bill Rogers at

By coincidence, I'm waiting for a couple Mamiya lenses to come back from Bill, who just serviced them for me. He was great to deal with and the price was very reasonable. I haven't received the lenses yet (still in the mail) so I can't testify to the work (yet).
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Precision moved to the Bay area, sadly just a couple of months after finding him here in Chicago.


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Thanks for the correction. I did not realize they had moved. They have worked on a lot of my Arca stuff. Always great work. Glad they are still out there.

Paul C