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Comparision between Digaron-W 50 mm, Apo Sironar Digital/Sinaron Digital 55 mm and Apo Digitar XL 60 mm


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And at last 20 mm shift with the 55 mm.
as you will see the extrem corners are realy sharp even at 20 mm shift.
The 55 mm and the 60 xl will allow even more movements, for the 50 Digaron W is here the end.
But 20 mm is really much and the most technical cameras dont allow more.
55 mm is not the Apo Grandagon but the Apo Sironar Digital/ Sinaron Digital. It base on the older Apo Grandagon but you have 20 years between these lenses, so lens production, coutings..., they dont stop but on the contrary all pushed forward in the lens production, becouse of the more difficult digital technology. The film was much more forgiveable.
I hope you all enjoy the comparision,
all these lense are more then usable with modern backs...



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Thank You for doing all that work! I am very interested in old lenses especially after I took an Apo Sironar Digital 135mm into my toolbox. I think it is my best landscape lens today. I am using it with Sony 7rmk2 which I think is the same sensor as You used in the test
I am very glad that my small review helps much people.
Yes, the Sony A7RII and III have the same sensor but in small. The new 60MP Sony sensor will work even bette with technical lenses, has even less color cast.
For some work I also use Sony on Arca Siwiss M-line2 with technical lenses like 35 HR, 55 and 90 mm rodenstock, its work very well and deliver great results. There are only one 35 mm shift lens for all full format (35 mm) that is usable; Zeiss contax distagon 35 mm shift lens, good but the 35 HR is simply other class.


New member
Very interesting. Are you going to do more comparative like this one? Comparing new HR with other digital lenses is very educative. THX