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Cooper & Gorfer at Fotografiska New York


Staff member
Make sure to check out Cooper & Gorfer's latest body of work at Fotografiska New York! The exhibition starts on Friday, August 28th and will be open for the public until February 28, 2021.

Copper & Gorfer’s work is an amazing example of “articulate seeing.” The imagery is absolutely beautiful, rich in colour and texture but most importantly so abundant in meaning. Here is what Sally Jennings wrote about their work: “These people were real. I felt that this was how we should live. This was who we really were. Instead, we impose on ourselves a world that’s pragmatic and disciplined and mechanical and we ignore the sweeps of our giddy brain. I want to leave my world and enter theirs.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. The body of work produced by Nina and Sarah is remarkable not only in its artistry but also in its intellectual richness.

In the January 2019 issue of the Medium Format Magazine you will find a full-fledged interview with Cooper and Gorfer. Here are some excerpts from this interview