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Could someone share some IQ3100 files at each ISO


New member
Hi folks,

I'm looking to see how the 3100 performs at each ISO, I don't have time over the next couple weeks to get my hands on one. If anyone can share, or point me to a resource that's not marketing, that would be much appreciated.



Workshop Member
We (Digital Transitions) maintain a multi-TB database of raw files from the testing done by DT’s R+D team. This includes studio tests like the above, which are valuable because they eliminate a lot of variables, but it also includes real-world scenarios which often uncover strengths and weaknesses that a studio test does not.

If you’re in the USA please email me and we can set up access. Note that this week is our busiest of the year so response may be atypically delayed.


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As the base ISO shown is 35. These examples are from a tricolormatic IQ3100. The base IQ3100 announced in Jan 2016 had a base ISO of 50.

Noise response of the tricolor back is better IMO than the original IQ3100

If the OP is going to purchase a tricolor 3100 examples shown are good but if they are looking at a base 3100 I would recommend getting a demonstration. Noise is markedly better on the tricolor. Noted from day 1 due to the lower base ISO.

Paul C