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d-lux 4 vs ep1


New member
just found these notes on the leica forum:

Re: Compare the D-Lux 4 to the new Olympus E-P21


I got this information from an online chat with one of Imaging Insider guys who said that I could reproduce it as long as everyone knows that this information may change as they continue to examine and test it. This talks about both the Leica D-Lux 4 and the Olympus E-P1. Also, note that they have not double-checked all of this.


when you ask about differences between the dl4 and the ep1, well, i can tell you that the dl4 has been an absolutely fantastic camera. but, here are some quick observations. ask me again in a week and i might have a slightly different opinion.

1. the focus has several modes. my favorite is the s-af + mf (single autofocus + manual). recently, i was with a photo friend at this botanical garden. when you photograph flowers, particularly those with lengthy stamens/pistols, etc. focus can be crazy due to minimal dof. the camera focuses, then you can turn the focus knob to sweeten it to your desired point. the display magnifies this over the total area to assist you. then, when you tap the shutter button it goes back to the actual focal length setting. at this time there may be a way to turn this feature of magnification on or off. not sure at this time.

2. art filters if you like that sort of thing. but, if you shoot raw + jpeg the effect is only on the jpeg, at least that's my understanding. haven't had time to test all of this. this means you can reprocess the raw using another in-camera art effect or out of the camera without messing with the raw data.

3. interchangeable lenses! some say the panasonic lenses focus faster.

4. No built-in electronic flash but both have hot shoes.

5. no weatherproofing on the stainless steel/aluminum chassis.

6. on/off level system for vertical and horizontal alignment is sweet.

7. considering all things it's quieter than a leica m 4-2.

8. some shutter lag as if anyone is ever going to do anything really about it except on the slr cameras.

9. mechanical image stabilization built into body if the lens doesn't have any. there are 3 settings. i've only played around with level 1. but, my initial feeling is that in setting 1 in low light the d-lux 4 performed better at producing a sharp image given the same low light scene. but, then you've got more weight to deal with in the ep1. the stabilization needs to be turned off if your lens has IS.

10. the d-lux 4 seems to handle backlighting better in the auto-everything mode compared to the e-p1 everything mode.

11. nice balance and fit. but, it's nowhere near as portable as the dl4.

12. no hood on lens. the 14-42mm lens that is one of the kit choices has the front element jutted out just like the dl4. it's a removable cap that i'd feel safer is there were a hood. it can take a filter. but, not sure if there is vignetting. (i'm a hood kind of person that began with my first ds leica.)

13. lcd is quite good even visible in bright light on the EP1

14. you get used to the lens lock which compresses the lens down when you're not shooting.

15. there is currently no solid black body. it's either a brushed metal look or a baked white enamel look which i find the later rather hypnotic. both, however, look good.

16. i posted images on insider for people to download (raw+jpeg).

17. video is avi...and not that avchd which still causes difficulty for some on mac. quality is quite good.

18. the current ep1 raw file requires that adobe camera raw be updated.

19. user interface is different on both cameras. the ep1 has more navigation options to accommodate more features. they both do the job.

20. i'm impressed with the ep1. that goes for the dl4, too. i've had the dl4 in my possesion for 8 months. the ep1 has been in my hands for less than a week.

hope this at least answers some of your questions. again, this are off the top of my head. and, take them with a grain of salt at this point.