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D300 remote firing question

Chris C

Could someone please advise me. An artist friend has a D300 [not me] which came with the UK bundled RAW software [presumably Capture?]. To properly record a piece of 'floor work', I suggested that the solution might be to fix the camera to a beam above the work, and fire it from his laptop. Which software would he need for that?

A poor-of-the-parish alternative to purchasing software [he's broke] might be to import files to his Mac laptop [which I think has Photoshop CS2], to inspect them to determine final adjustments to the camera orientation [viewing the camera screen is not an option]. Please advise me on which connecting cable is needed, whether there is a choice or practical limitation to the length of camera to laptop cable, and of any glitches I should forewarn him of? I have not yet used a D300, which is why I ask the forum's help.

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

................ Chris


You could use a long usb cable and tether it. I know bibblepro works with it. There's a free trial version of bibblepro to download.

Chris C

You could use a long usb cable and tether it.
David - Thanks for your reply, I have passed on your Bibble trial suggestion.

On reflection [and I'm avoiding describing the shooting problems of this project], simply getting the camera files to a laptop and using manual controls on the camera is workable and less complicated for my friend than learning fully tethered shooting. What is critical is the longest length of USB cable one can use for camera to laptop transfer.

Can anyone advise please?

........... Chris


approx 15ft is the advised longest length. there are repeater cables for increased length but no guarentees. or you can shoot wireless $$$ WT-4a Wireless Transmitter
"In practice, the USB specification limits the length of a cable between full speed (12 Mbps) devices to 5 meters (a little under 16 feet 5 inches). For a low speed device (1.5 Mbps) the limit is 3 meters (9 feet 10 inches)."
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Chris C

approx 15ft is the advised longest length..."
I was just passing through, so I'm glad I saw your reply. Thank you, I'll pass the information on to my friend. The original shooting problem was solved to his satisfaction, but What you wrote may well be useful for future documenting.

............... Chris