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D800 vs Etch-a-Sketch

Bryan Stephens

Workshop Member
I figured there were comparisons of the D800 to just about everything else out there, so why not the Etch-a-sketch

While the D800 wins hands down in MP count and color saturation, the Etch a sketch has great grey tones, and for the price, it cant be beat!!!!. I think the going rate is about $25 for one of these babies. :LOL:


Well-known member
You just don't know how to get the most out of your Etch-a-Sketch. It is not just about the pixels, but the grain structure. Nikon does not have a shake and erase function for the memory cards, which is a deal breaker.


Well-known member
When the Etch-aSketch has a touch screen, I will upgrade. Oh, wait. Isn't that called an iPad?


Well-known member
The Etch-a-Sketch for all its dials does not have the organic feel of the good old-fashion slate.

Don Libby

Well-known member
How does Etch A Sketch work in auto focus? Also is it as weather proof as they claim? I think we need a long term test to be certain....


Staff member
Dont sell short the resolution of an etch-a-sketch.
Images are formed by accumulations of microscopic aluminum particles.

I am sure that Stefan will be filling us in about future e-beam technology developments allowing control of each individual particle as a vast improvement over the two control dials.

The etch-a-sketch has the same minimalist attractiveness of the M-Monochrom which was Leica's result after years of trying to get color right.


I often get jaggies in diagonal lines with the Etch-a-Sketch. Is there something wrong with my RAW converter?
If you can stand being without it, you might send it in for calibration. I just had my Etch-a-Sketch tuned, and what a difference! It now draws beautifully.