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DF+ battery problems

I have a phase one DF+ running an IQ350 back

until recently I've been using regular AA batteries, but I had lots of suggestions of getting hold of the li-ion batteries.

So I thought I'd try to get some online. I grabbed one + charger from a chap on ebay. I charged the battery over night, checked the voltage with a multimeter and it was showing 7.5v

Put it in the DF+, changed the battery mode from nicad to li-ion and the battery drained after about 3 exposures (1/125 shutter speed)

So I thought that battery must be duff, so (perhaps foolishly) I bought another used battery from ebay - that seemed to hold charge better, but today I try it and same thing: 3 or 4 exposures and the batteries are empty - and I mean 0 volts

was this a case of me being cheap and just not getting good batteries? They were from different sellers in different countries, so no link between them

or might there be something wrong with my DF+?

I can use the AA's still, they work pretty well - but thats going to get expensive if I have to keep changing those every couple of shoots - and I dont want to risk doing long exposures on those nicads

anyone experienced the same? DF+ & backs are on latest firmware


Well-known member
I would return it. It may have sat on the shelf too long. Lipo batteries can get to a point where they no longer hold charge. Especially with no use.

Paul C


Well-known member
Definitely get the rechargeable pack for the DF/DF+. It will make your life much easier once you get everything settled.

As for the AA batteries, use only the Energizer lithium AAs. They cost a bit more but they handle the power much better and last longer than normal AAs.