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Digital Bolex


Well-known member
HMM. I could get into something like that. Much more useful than DSLR video capture. I worked with Bolex H16R and Beaulieu 4008ZM2 cameras when I was in high school. :)


Contributing Editor
>Much more useful than DSLR video capture.

Could be. Actually made by a DP for movie makers. Endorsed by Bolex.


Another outfit trying to make use of a nostalgic name. What is "affordable price" is a mystery.

Brian S

New member
They hint at $3K or so.

The color depth is given as "Colour depth 12 bit 4:4:4". To me, that means 12bit pixels, 4-bits for each Red-Green-Blue value. That is only 4096 colors total. That is the old IBM Professional Graphics Controller (PGC) color depth, not enough for true color. Colors will be very quantized if only a palette of 4096 colors is available.

I wonder if the nomenclature is wrong, and hopefully they mean 36-bit pixels with 12-bits for each RGB value.


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