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DIY Parabolic Microphone??


New member
For shooting landscapes, I thought it would be nice to have a parabolic microphone to to pick up distant bird calls and waterfalls. I'm hoping it might also reduce audio from people and cars behind me.

The commercial ones run from $1,000 all the way up to $4000.

Seems too costly for something so simple.

So I found a 24" parabolic reflector at Edmund Scientific for $80 and thought I would build my own, since I have lots of mics.

Has anyone done this before? I found some DIY projects on line, but they all have the mic pointed away from the dish and it seems to be it would operate better if the mic was facing the dish.

If someone has done this, would appreciate some tips and directions.


Charles Wood

New member
I would tend to agree but there are some issues to consider. The response pattern of mics will vary depending on whether the mic is a cardiord, omni, directional, etc. Even if the mic is mounted in the focal point of the dish, like an LNB is mounted on a satellite dish, the reflector will not shield the mic from unwanted sounds coming from sides and behind the reflector. So you will get a mix of sounds, direct and reflected. Whereas, mounting a mic in a manner that allows you to tilt or fine tune the ratio of direct to reflected sounds, may make for more pleasing overall results.