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DJI Osmo Pocket


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without macro lens - light: full darkness, only one 12W LED bulb, distance 1.2meters



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I like my DJI pocket, but I use only THREE originial parts from DJI: pocket, wheel, wifi
Pocket I bought from a dealer in 6km distance (from stock), wheel & wifi from nice
Chinese dealers to lower prices (and free ship.) than DJI.

Now came my Leagoo MIX phone from China, bezelfree, USB C, ...
Within few minutes download of Mimo was ready, installed - and it works full okay
with Android 7.0. No problems with direct connection or wifi.

I do not need (hahaha) sound adapter, if I need excellent stereo(!) sound (seldom)
then I use a small sound recorder for €12-€19.90

Photos made with Leagoo MIX, DJI Pocket, wifi connection,
tiny LED light (from Ulanzi, 4 steps of light level)