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Downtown Phoenix


Well-known member
I am going to be downtown Phoenix for the week. Any suggestions for places to eat? Or how to stay cool?


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Yes - stay indoors. I was there last week and it was 109F. Crack the windows of the car if you have to leave it outside as I swear that my rental was 120F+ when I returned to it after meeting my client.

If there's ever a place to shoot IR Phoenix/Scottsdale is it!


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Graham, thanks. So far, the weather is on my side, 95F and dry. I hope it lasts through tomorrow morning as that is the only time I need to be out and about in the sun. Fortunately, I don't have a car. It looks like most cars here are hybrid: part car, part grill.

I just got here this afternoon. I took a little walk around downtown Phoenix. It is rather rough at the edges, but in the center there are some remarkable examples of architecture, particularly Art Deco and 50s/60s International style. Also plenty of places to eat, when they are open. I think Sunday is not the night most folks take to hit the town.