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Entry level Cambo+Leaf+Rodenstock Tech-cam kit for under $7000


New member
Due to ill-health my tech-cam set up is not getting the use it deserves and it’s time to sell.
This was my entry into medium format digital with a tech cam and it’s been an absolute joy to use for my fine art landscape and architectural work.

Leaf Aptus 54S
Hassleblad H fit. This model sits in between the older Leaf Aptus 22 and the newer Leaf Aptus II 5 in terms of release date but uses exactly the same 22mp chip with 9 micron “fat pixels”.
Approx 7900 captures. Insanely clean ISO25 files that are looking as good as ever in Capture One V9 – I’m even finding myself going back and reprocessing files I did originally in CO 7+8, as V9 seems to give them a bit more pep. '
Haven’t even tried V10 yet.

A great back for shifting with tech lenses as it’s not too demanding on the back. Also only need a sync cable (included) rather than a wake-up cable like with the Phase backs.
Minor signs of wear / rubbing on the LCD plastic cover and I've put some tape over where it clicks on to protect the back a bit more from rubbing. Sensor clean and mark free. Clock battery replaced in Jan 2015.
4 batteries (one Leaf, three third party). 2 chargers.
I have a few others I will throw in but they don’t hold their charge too well.
Easy to pick up more batteries and chargers on eBay etc although sometimes the quality varies.
Original packaging and soft pouch.

Cambo WRS 1050
This is the original WRS with wood grips installed at the factory.
+/- 20mm horizontal shift, +20 / -25 mm vertical rise/fall.
Minor signs of use. I added some leather to the face of the camera, but you can peel this off again if you want – it’s purely aesthetic and doesn’t alter function but I think is a nice touch.
Magnetic light, soft case, original box.

Cambo SLW-89 Hasselblad H back adapter.
Cambo WDS 619 Ground glass for the Cambo, minor chip in the corner but doesn’t affect composition or focusing.
No loupe, just the ground glass included.

Rodenstock APO Sironar 45mm 4.5 (pink stripe)
Massive 125mm image circle, really great for shifting with the 22mp Leaf back.
I work with F16-22 and can get full horizontal and vertical shift for a 9-exposure stitch to give an 80mp composition. Practically no colour shifts – depending on subject matter.
Shoot a white wall and you might want to do LCCs but in real world use I get full shifts with no real need for LCCs.
Copal shutter accurate, blades snappy and clean.
Lens mint, Cambo mount has a few signs of wear and marks on the protective bars.
Both caps, original box.

Will include Leaf sync cable and a cable release.

This really has been a great set-up and the workflow when shooting has been fun.
Set up on tripod, level and plumb, rise/fall for composition, focus, meter, and my favourite - a simple left -20mm and right +20mm 2 exposures to get a 88x36mm 2.5:1 pano image area for 39mp once stitched easily in Photoshop.
With light skies and interiors I will do an LCC but the Rodenstock 45mm is so even I often don’t need an LCC in everyday use.

Yes there are higher-resolution backs out there and yes there are newer lenses, however these 3 components above really work well together and have been great for my use and will suit someone looking for an entry to medium format digital at a low price point.
The fat-pixel 22mp files are a joy to work with and very clean at ISO25-50.

Alternatively maybe you want to cut your teeth with this set up and then upgrade the back when you’re ready.
The 45mm Rodenstock works well with the 33mp backs (I have used it on a Leaf Aptus 75s), and therefore should hold out well for a 39mp P45+.
Would be interesting to see how it would go with an IQ150…

Full kit as above, original boxes, packaging, USD$6999

Payment via paypal (you pay the fees), or bank transfer to NZ/AU/UK accounts.
Will courier internationally at cost with some exceptions.
Will hand deliver to any buyers in NZ!

Looking to sell the whole kit first but if no luck then I’ll look at splitting it up.

Any questions or more info required - please let me know.

Thanks for looking and happy new year.







New member
A bump for the weekend, plus some photos taken with this set up.

Single images:

Stitched images:

Thanks for looking...