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Epson 3880 Piezography printing system & ink supply (SF Bay area)

Available for pickup in the San Francisco Bay area: Epson 3880 17" printer with the new Piezography Pro inkset for 8-tone black-and-white printing, with full backup ink supply.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to accomplish better BW printing, this might help a lot.

If you're not too familiar with the Piezography technology/process, it substitutes eight shades of black/gray ink for the regular Epson color inkset. This allows deeper blacks, better-modulated shades of gray, and controlled split-toning. The new Pro inset contains smaller ink particles that do not clog printer nozzles, as often occurred with older BW-only inksets.

The 3880 is the last generation of Epson 17" printers that will function with a third-party inset. (P800 is locked so that it won't accept 3d party inks.) This one was refurbished by Epson last February and has been used for one fine-art printing project (200 final prints). Starting out in Piezo printing with a refurb printer is a big advantage because you don't have to clean out all the color inks that a used printer would contain.

The inkset is the new 2017 Piezo Pro with both matte (MK) and glossy (PK) blacks. It will merge eight shades of black/gray for glossy, luster, and matte prints, and will add a layer of 'gloss optimizer' for even reflectance and no bronzing on glossy and luster papers with PK ink.

The printer contains a full set of IJM's refillable cartridges with chips installed – plus some spare cartridges, chips, and syringes for refilling cartridges. (Piezography Pro software for your computer has to be be purchased separately from InkjetMall.)

The ink supply includes backup ink in all nine shades. It's value exceeds $650.

I've printed nozzle check patterns for both PK and MK inks on the day this ad is posted, and both patterns are flawless.

The unit and ink are for sale because I've completed a book-printing project and will be returning to color printing.

$1495. Reasonable offer considered, but I'm reluctant to consider shipping because the refillable IJM cartridges with plugs seem chancy to ship.


"The 3880 is the last generation of Epson 17" printers that will function with a third-party inset. (P800 is locked so that it won't accept 3d party inks.)"

While that may have been true as recent as last summer... in late November of 2017 Jon Cone released color and piezography inks for the P800 printer

If you read carefully about it, you'll see that it's still a quite imperfect system. A refurb 3880 is still the best bet.