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Don Ellis


I know you've missed him, but there's a reason: this was taken with a new (old) 5D, but since all our friends are here, I wanted to post at least one with an explanation. Now if the moderators leave this, I promise we'll never do it again. :)

Don and Spooks

P.S. It looks like I might have had to rush to get this, but he held this position for over a minute -- what a laughable fool. :D


New member
I know cats...what's really going on in that little brain is, "Ooo, the warm sunlight feels so good on the tummy! Wait a minute, what's that going by outside? Better keep an eye on it..."

I love your Spooks photos, Don! You have a very photogenic cat.


D upton-Hackett.

Another terrific take Don, Spooks is getting quite famous.

Don Ellis

Lisa... I'm sure you're right. Maybe I'll take the photos and leave the psychoanalysis to you (he's in a perfect position for it here). :)

Thanks very much to the three of you for such nice comments... it's always a pleasure to visit here and I missed being away for a while.


Don Ellis

Thank you, Lili.. that's sweet. But I must admit that I can't imagine anything funnier than this one. But you never know: he's still young. :D