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Excellent read - Field Techniques for Technical Cameras – Lenses and Accessories by Dave Chew in PhotoPXL


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Dave is a quiet guru. There is little he doesn't know. And very happy to share. A great contribution, long needed.


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"Hiking, backpacking, skiing, canoeing, kayaking, etc. I’ve photographed with my technical camera in the Wind Rivers of Wyoming, Mont Blanc in the Alps, various corners of the Sierras in California, countless other places"

You are living the dream!
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You are living the dream!
We’ll, some days feel like that. Most of them occur when I am doing things outside with or without a camera. I love being outdoors in the wilderness, and often say I don’t go outside to take photographs, I take photographs to go outside.
Lately, my real job has been taking up significant time, and as a result don’t get out as much I like. But I appreciate every wonderful opportunity.


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Dave..... you are on a roll! Great article. I liked the tidbit about backpacks and having the bag open with the straps facing up(y). A neat little touch that I hadn't really thought about.

Victor B.


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I agree with what everyone has said and really helpful with the information on the backpacks! I am measuring to optimize my Kelty Raven with inserts this afternoon. It may not optimal with rear opening but it is something I already have :) Looking forward to the next section.

Thanks for taking the time to share this information!

P. Chong

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Fantastic articles, Dave. I missed no3, but just read it. Yea, the 10 step lens changing routine pretty much describes what I already do, with minor differences. Thanks for the writeups. Very helpful. I am still trying to understand no4. And apply it to tabletop macros that
I do. Read it trice already.
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Ray Harrison

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Thank you so much Dave! I appreciate the time and what has to be considerable effort into making an informative article. These have all been fantastic and I've awaited this latest as patiently as I could muster. I'm looking forward to digesting some more and trying some of the techniques this weekend. I've been trying to master tilt and I've been missing a few things this article nicely pointed out. Again, one of the things I appreciate about the people here is their willingness to share and teach. We need more of this in the world. :)