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Exif with Nikon lens


One of the things that is great about the E mount is the ability to adapt lenses. But what is i dislike about adapting lenses is the ability to add the lens and maximum aperture to the exif of my RAW files. Adding via lenstagger in my PP is an easy workaround however sometimes I forget the exact aperture used.

I have electronic adapters for the Canon lenses I use but there is nothing for my Nikon lens. If i am looking at DSLR lenses this reason and the ability to use IS for me make Canon the only choice. For telephoto's even over A mount.

I saw there are some Nikon to Canon adapters that are chipped so I decided to buy an EMF chipped Nikon(G) to EF adapter. I put it on my Viltrox EF adapter and it does not work well. The only aperture choice was 1.3 and often no choice at all.

Then I put it on my Metabones Speedbooster and it Worked!! I could choose from f/1 to f/45 but not higher than f/45 so i can not program it.

I now are going to program for a 50/1.4 on a Canon body so i am hoping that makes it work better on the Viltrox.

Exif screenshots:

Above is when the Vitrox adapter worked.
Below is the exif from the metabones speedbooster