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F/S: Leica S2-P Body, H to S adapter.


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Later model Leica S2-P

Recently inspected, brought up to spec, and cleaned by Leica Germany. Most recent firmware installed to improve various functions including AF. Mint-, only used by one owner. Low use, not a studio production camera. (S2-P has Sapphire LCD glass)

Comes complete in box with all factory accessories and includes the optional Leica remote release for the S2/S2-P (note: this release doesn't work with the S(006).

$8,350, Bank Transfer or Cleared Check, (other payment methods can be discussed). Free basic ground shipping to CONUS, upgrade shipping/insurance at buyer's expense.

Separately selling:

Leica HCD/HC Lens to S Mount Adapter

This adapter retains all AF, auto aperture, and data transfer functions of the Hasselblad HCD and HC lenses. Lenses can be use at up to 1/4000 shutter with the S camera when set to focal plane shutter, OR up to 1/750 sync shutter when working with flash.

Mint-, low use, functions perfectly ... $995. shipped CONUS

Contact Marc Williams: [email protected]

Thanks for looking!