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First shot - Linhof Technika | Anagramm Rencay Scannback | Zeiss Biogon 75mm


Active member
Nice shot.
Very interessting to make close ups with a super wide angle lens but the Biogon suits for it.
Zeiss recommended the Biogon lenses for reprographic works as well.

What size has this scan back and what does it cost?


Well-known member
... thank you for your interest Arri.
This was my first shot with the Back and I was amazed at the quality of this combination.

The Anagram company no longer exists and the successor company Rencay has not given any prices for its backs.

I bought the back second-hand from a dealer and paid 1800 euros for it.
However, some parts were missing to operate the back. That cost me another 500 euros.

So I paid 2300 euros for the back.

Max. Resolution: 312 MegaPixel
CCD sensor: Kodak trilinear line, 1-pass scan
Recording area: 72 x 118 mm
Max. optical resolution: 8000 x 13000 pixels RGB
Colour depth: 48 Bit
Max. file size File size: 595 MB in 48 Bit RGB format
Max. Scan speed: 29 seconds at highest resolution
Camera connection: All view cameras with international back 9 x 12 cm / 4 x 5", adapter for Linhof M 679 optionally available

Best Regard