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Fotodiox Shift adapter. Anyone tried it?

Diane B

New member
No, don't have it. I bought the tilt from Lensbaby and have an EF 45 f/2.8 TS that I use with an EOS to m4/3 adapter and it works nicely though I would rather have wider for shift with m4/3. The major con using EF lenses is that you are unable to change aperture without using the kludgy 'trick' of setting on EOS body, holding preview button as you dismount w/o shutting off camera.

I bought a Nikon to FD from Fotodiox (to use my FDs with LB tilt) and their adapters are nicely made.


New member
I bought one few weeks ago. So so built quality. Have no real use for the shifting function. Only reason I am keeping it is the built-in tripod ring. Pretty handy for my heavy Contax 100 planar and 70-210 vari-sonnar lenses via Contax to EOS adapter.


I have the EOS and the Minolta MD shift adapters.

The EOS adapter is not really for EOS lenses (cannot control aperture) but as a base to stack other adapters on. For example: EOS + OM; EOS + PK; EOS + Nikon. This is because EOS has a short lens to sensor distance which allows mounts with greater distances to be used with it. I have the above combinations and they all allow infinity focus. For this reason the EOS mount is preferable if it takes the adapters you need as the stacked adapters are inexpensive and you have a range of mounts available.

However, the MD adapter does not allow infinity. I am awaiting a new batch of adapters which should solve the problem.

Things to watch out for: The FD shift adapter has no tripod mount - no room for it. Lenses shorter than approximately 50mm often exhibit a noticeable magenta color shift at the extremes when shifted. Have used down to 40mm and sometimes get magenta shift and sometimes not. The longer the focal length the less chance of shift. Don't have a 35mm to try it with but the 28mm's very noticeably show the shift.

So basically the shift adapters only work with longer lenses in m4/3 speak. This is not bad as I have made many panos with lenses from 50mm to 300mm. In fact, generally longer lenses are preferred for panos (not 360 deg type).

With the camera in horizontal position you get approximately a 3:1 ratio pano. Vertical gives you approximately 2:1. This is a very useful range.

The big advantage of the shift adapters is that if you mount the lens to the tripod and shift the camera, there is no parallax problem and you get almost perfect stitches. This allows the panos to be made of macro subjects where parallax is more likely to be a problem. I often use it for flowers because I prefer a wide format for much of my work. It is easy to use and does not take much more effort.

If parallax is a problem I uses the shift adapters, otherwise I use the normal procedures for panos.

If you are thinking of using it like a wide Canon or Nikon dedicated shift lens for architectural work, it a no go due to wide angle problems.



Active member
This is a comparaison of the two adapters I now have, and their focusing behaviour.

If you're looking for an adapter with a tripod mount to use in combination with heavier glass, forget about it ! The mounting plate is just too small to offer sufficient support. With my Nikkor 180/2.8 ED, it's very unstable !

I have not seen any maenta shift yet. But I rarely used the adapter with short lenses because of the infinity focus problem. Will check maybe later today !

"Hi, Kelvin,

I received the replacement adapter earlier this week and am in a process of further testing it "side by side" with my G1 and my Nikkor lenses.
So far, this is a comparaison between the two of them

180/2.8 ED @ 2.8
1st : infinity met
2nd : infinity met

105/2.8 @ 2.8
1st : infinity not met
2nd : infinity only nearly not met

85/1.4 @ 2.8
1st : infinity not met be a long shot
2nd : infinity only nearly not met

50/1.4 @ 2.8
1st : infinity not met be a very long shot
2nd : infinity not met, focuses up to 8m

35/2.0 @ 2.8
1st : infinity not met be a very long shot
2nd : infinity not met, focuses up to 7-8m

24/2.0 @ 2.8
1st : infinity not met be a very long shot
2nd : infinity not met, focuses up to 2-3m

All tests conducted @ 2.8 and with the shiftlock unlocked as you suggested in previous mails.

I would like to mention that the replacement adapter feels a lot "stiffer" in its manipulation, but that the tripod collar fixation has some game.
The 2nd adapter is a tad (< 1mm) lower than the 1st, but stiller ca 1.5mm higher than the cheap chinese one that (as already mentioned) focuses all lenses to infinity !
Is there a way to fix this ?

All in all, the second is definitely better in focusing, but, when focusing a 24mm lens no closer than 2-3 meter, should not be qualified as "focusing to infinity garanteed"

Looking forward to your comments !

C U,