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FOUND: APO Digitar 60XL in Cambo T/S Mount $5250 +/-


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Adding my name to the list of forum members looking to pick up a 60XL in excellent shape. 12/2019 is the most recent listing on the forum for this lens/mount combo. It went for $5,250 and included the Cambo WTS-860 T/S mount. A 60XL Helvetar just sold on the forum for $5250 as well.

If you have a WTS-860 T/S in excellent shape you would like to sell for around $5,250 please let me know.

I'm also interested in the Cambo WDS-562 standard mount or even an unmounted one that can be retrofitted. Priced to reflect the differences in mounts of course.

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Had a chance to buy one back in 2019. Arca Swiss mount. $6k CDN. (about $5k USD). Didn't know enough at the time. Went the route of ALPA with a 70 HR. Still happy making good images.


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If you have the lens I'm looking for and are interested in selling, send me a PayPal invoice and I'll pay it right away.