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FREE: Seattle Area HP Z3200 44" printer


New member
I have a 44" Hp z3200 44" printer that needs some work but I just don't have the time or patience to go there but maybe somebody else does. What the issue is is it often freezes up during a print. With a hard reboot it can sometimes make the next print but the problem has become steadily worse over the last few months. Otherwise the printer is in great shape and only a couple of years old and makes fantastic prints when it doesn't freeze up.

I've been told that it's a PCA problem - could be either the Carriage PCA (a $70 part - prices quoted online sourcing), the Print Mech PCA (around $300) or the Main PCA (around $500). Because it freezes up when printing a diagnostic from the printer (using the front panel controls) it most likely is not the formatter/hard drive (a $900 part).

Anyway, if anyone in the Seattle area, wants a great printer for FREE and is willing to either have it fixed or if handy fix it themselves (I have a z3100 service manual that is available at the HP z3100 wiki site) then come and get it! Like I said it could be as low as a $70 part (the carriage pca failed the service diagnostic test) or as much as $870 to replace all of the PCA boards (not counting labor costs). But brand new it's a $3000 printer. Or maybe you have one already and need one for parts. Either way I will need the room for a new printer coming and would hate to see it go off to the recyclers. :(


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I'll happily help you free up space in your office. I sent you a PM.

Not a problem to come and collect it and as you know I have it's smaller brother and I'd be OK with the risks of fixing it.
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Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
Well it at least going to someone that will put some mileage on it. Good for both of you. Excuse my interruption. I just like seeing these kinds of things between members.:thumbs:


New member
Great. Graham bought the extra inks last weekend in passing through Seattle so the whole shebang will end up back together.

Got a Canon ipf6400 coming next week so will let everyone here know my first impressions of that. The HP is a fantastic printer (esp with the onboard i1) but I have too many jobs to futz about at the moment. Sad to see it go.