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FS: 4 Phase One XT lenses, XT camera


Well-known member
So I am taking the final step towards consolidating my gear on the Arca-Swiss Rm3di platform, and I am selling my Phase One XT gear.

- Phase One XT - Rodenstock HR 23mm, perfect conditions, very few actuations: 7.500 euro
- Phase One XT - Rodenstock HR 32mm, perfect conditions, very few actuations, original box: 8.000 euro
- Phase One XT - Rodenstock HR 50mm, perfect conditions, very few actuations, original box: 8.000 euro
- Phase One XT - Rodenstock HR 90mm, perfect conditions, very few actuations, original box: 8.500 euro

- Phase One XT, perfect conditions, recently serviced, original box: 4.000 euro

Prices include VAT and are invoiced by my business. For EU customers, if you have a VAT number please let me know before I invoice you. Shipping NOT included, I'll be happy to calculate it for you according to your destination and the number of items / bulk / etc.

For reviews of the lenses and XT camera, see my blog:

If you need more images and info about camera and / or lenses, feel free to ask.


Paul Spinnler

Active member
Definitely the big weak point of the system on top of the limited shift; I really wished they followed through with the initial idea - at least this is what came through via the marketing - to provide for auto LCC via C1 for the XT lenses. Difficult to justify the premium just because of a lack of cable ... although it is nice to be able to correct the 32HR distortion with one click ... should give them pause to think if their own ambassador jumps ship though.

In the end the proof lies in the pudding and a full-blown system exit like this is a clear signal with the lack of tilt being a problem for a system positioned at the very, very top of the hill.

Irony would be complete if Paul Reiffer moves to Alpa too because of the lack of tilt.

I hear P1 is also sabotaging the replacement of the 23HR (there's a new design drawn up) because they don't see the market atm.

They should just allow Cambo to add the 40HR tilt mount to all lenses ...


Well-known member
Correct, as Jeff said, built-in Tilt for all lenses would be the main reason for the switch. However, to answer to Paul, I don't think that the lack of tilt on the XT is a problem for everyone, universally; for me and the kind of work I do, I thought I could live without it, but it turned out I am much happier working with the Rm3di. I still love the XT to bits, I think it's genius and I recommend it to everyone I believe might enjoy working with it; I still love and use my two Phase One IQ4 digital backs, and I am adding a XF with a 120 macro for other kind of work, so the love is still there :)