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FS Alpa 100mm Digitar


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I have never seen one of these lenses for sale. My dealer had to talk me into it as I originally wanted the 90mm. I have never regretted that purchase. When I got it I wanted to make sure of its alignment so I sent it to Germany and Schneider disassembled and checked for alignment and sent it back to me. It has been flawless since. I've taken some of my best images with this lens and always told myself I would never sell it but I have the Rody 90SW now and don't have a need for two lenses at this focal length.

Very clean maybe some internal dust which is inconsequential. It has always had a UV filter on it which I'll include. Original box and pouch. Short barrel version and light as a feather.





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I kick myself. If I ever thought one of these would come available I never would have bought the recently re-released SK 90 apo-digitar.

Great lens, Victor. Great opportunity for someone who exhibits more patience than me!



Are there 2 versions of this lens?

I have seen some often with different kind of writing on the barrel. A little bit more stubby writing.