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[FS] Alpa Set : Alpa 12 TC, Alpa Grandagon 75mm, Alpa Schneider 58mm XL [EU]


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I am selling some of my Alpa gear:

Alpa 12 TC
Structure in excellent condition, perfect tightness, and fully operational to accommodate Alpa accessories.
Sold with Finger Grip.
The lightest of the Alpa models (approximately 250g).
Modular system, can be used both in analog and digital with the use of back adapters.

Price : 1200€

Alpa Schneider 58mm XL f/5.6 Long Barrel

Lens in very good condition, lenses intact.
Impeccable Copal 0 shutter at all speeds, soft focus ring with no hard spots.
Notched opening adjustment.

Used in film and digital with 60 million pixel CCD sensor.
It is a dedicated large format film lens but it gives surprisingly good results in digital from F8-F11. (examples available if needed)

Price : 1600€ 1500€

Alpa Rodenstock Grandagon 75mm f/4.5 Long Barrel

Lens is in very good condition, lenses intact free from scratch.
Copal Shutter is impeccable at all speeds, smooth focusing with no stiff points.
However, it will likely need servicing at Alpa's facility as some play has developed in the shutter over time. No impact on pictures has been observed on both 6x7 film and 645 digital.

Price : 1300€

Located in Europe, France
Shipping fees to add if sent by post.

Thank you


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