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FS: Arca Swiss 8x10 F Classic with 4x5 conversion kit and several extras.


Hi All,
Helping a friend sell his kit, he's not on the forum.
(FYI This kit was briefly up for sale earlier this year, and was sold, but the deal fell through so it's now back up).

Up for sale is a practically unused Arca Swiss F Classic 8x10 with a 4x5 conversion kit and several extras. Everything is in mint or excellent condition. Camera was literally used less than 10 times and has been stored ever since. One note is the 4x5 has a Maxwell fresnel screen upgrade. There is a small scuff on the inside near the top edge of about 2mm. Doesn't really affect picture making but worth mentioning. This setup also includes the original arca GG and fresnel for 4x5 and 8x10.

All of the main camera components and accessories that came with the standard 8x10 camera, and the 4x5 conversion kit are included.
A few extra add-ons (parts and accessories that I added to the system later)
Below is a list of everything separated into parts in an inventory so that you can have that is in an orderly list.

I’ve also just added a new Arca Swiss OEM 8x10 bellows so it is basically a mint camera.

Here's some links showing new costs for basically the same setup, minus extras:
This is the camera B&H:
My camera has the ability to be fully either of the two cameras in the first two links above. It is basically the 4x5 camera with the additional 8x10 conversion format set as well.

Inventory List:
• Arca Swiss 8x10 F-Classic camera with 4x5 (141mm front standard) with rear standard rise adjustment.
•• Arca Swiss 8x10 Rear Standard and Groundglass Holder
•• (Bellows) Arca-Swiss Synthetic Bellows for 8x10" Camera with 141mm Standard - 50cm Long (Brand New)
•• (GroundGlass) Arca-Swiss 8x10 GroundGlass Focusing Screen with Grid (Not installed on the camera but included)
•• (Fresnel) Arca-Swiss 8x10 Fresnel Lens (Currently Installed on 8x10 back)
•• Arca-Swiss Monorail II - 15cm
•• Arca-Swiss Monorail II - 30cm
•• Arca Swiss Optical Bench Telescopic- 30cm

• Arca-Swiss 4x5 F-Line Format Conversion Set - (141mm rear standard, ground glass holder, 4x5 bellows).
•• Arca Swiss 4x5 (141mm) Rear Standard and Ground Glass Holder
•• (Ground Glass) Arca Swiss 4x5 Ground Glass (grided) (Not installed on the camera but included)
•• (Fresnel) Arca Swiss 4x5 fresnel
•• (Bellows) Arca-Swiss Synthetic Bellows for 4x5" Camera with 141mm Standard - 38cm Long

Extra Accessories
• Dark Cloth - GnassGear 4x5 Dark Cloth with velcro & snaps
• 8x10 bellows support for extended bellows
• 2 Domke 19x19" Protective wraps

Ground Glass Accessories
• Maxwell Screen Hi-Lux Ultra brilliant Matte 4x5 ground glass/fresnel no gridlines (Currently Installed & Focus Calibrated on 4x5 back)
• 4x5 grid overlay (removable grid)
• Custom 4x5 Cover Glass without grid lines for use with the Maxwell Focusing Screen (Currently Installed on 4x5 back)

• Custom 8x10 Ground Glass without grid lines (Currently Installed on 8x10 back)
• Ground glass protector 4x5" plastic drop-in cover
• Ground glass protector 8x10" plastic drop-in cover

EDIT: The new price for the 8x10 and the 8x10 extras is: 4700.00 shipped in the conus, buyer to paypal.

PM with any questions, and I'll do my best to answer!


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Could you give me an idea what I would need to get a 20mm equivalent 35mm full frame shot? Lens, film, etc. and the cost. Could you PM me a contact number? I’m in San Diego.


Update: the 4x5 conversion set and 4x5 accesories are sold! The 8x10 camera and accessories are still available. The price for the 8x10 and it's extras is: 4700.00 shipped in the conus, buyer to paypal.