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FS: Arca Swiss F-Line Basic 4x5" Camera Kit


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This is hard, but I need to cut down on cameras so I can play with other toys. I'm selling my Arca Swiss F-Line Basic 4x5 *kit* in VG++ condition. This is the model with the 171x171 format frames.

You can see this actual camera in multiple of my videos on YouTube, but this is probably the most applicable:

This camera is solid as a rock and smooth. The front function carrier is a bit "stiff" (compared to the back, anyway). The camera could possibly use a CLA, but I'd personally just use it as-is, forever, no problem.

The bellows is light tight, with one successful pinhole fix using liquid electrical tape. I believe the pinhole happened in packing/shipping. I fixed it rather than returning it. The bellows is very nice on the whole, and has performed just fine.

All levels have appropriate amounts of fluid. Ground glass is really nice. No fresnel, but that was never a problem for me.

As shown form with the "telescoping" rail setup, $1300, shipped and PayPal'd to US addresses only.

What is shown?
- 2x 4x5 (171) Format Frames
- 2x Function Carriers
- 1x Ground Glass / Film Holder Frame
- 1x 40cm Rail
- 1x 15cm Short Rail (for transport and/or extension)
- 1x 30cm Extension Bracket
- 1x Technika Adapter Lensboard
- 1x Pleated Bellows

If you also want a bag bellows I can add a basically new one for $175. I believe it to be an Arca Swiss bellows, but can't prove it. If anyone knows how to prove it, please PM me (thanks).

If you're interested, don't be shy about asking for different setups. For example, if you're only going to shoot studio, then we can talk about a cheaper setup with just the 40cm rail and a short bracket, rather than the extension bracket. Or if you don't need the adapter lensboard. Et cetera.





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