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FS: Fuji GFX100s + 35-70 + Fringer EF-GFX adapter + …


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Hi there,
due to my recent move to Hasselblad I’m letting go of my GFX system. It delivers very good image quality and shouldn’t sit in my closet but be used to create inspiring art!

I assembled this kit to have ultimate flexibility:
(1) It is a very lightweight hiking setup with either only the 35-70 or combined with the P645 150.
(2) It allows shifting of P645 lenses that have very good quality, making a very compact kit allowing for movements.
(3) It allows the use of very good Canon EF lenses like the 16-35 2.8 L III that doesn’t vignette from approx. 19mm onwards, or the lightweight 200 2.8 L II, and of course the lineup of TS-E lenses. The EF mount is also a very good universal mount for adapting other lenses.
(4) It allows to use Minolta MC/ MD lenses like the legendary 85mm 1.7 that doesn’t vignette and provide a very special look.
(5) It can serve as a digital back for the Linhof Techno / M679 cameras.

Needless to say it took me a while to assemble all this together and tweak the setup to my needs. Good for you: you can save this time and have a very good starter kit! I’d prefer a sale of all items together.

The following items I have for sale:
- Fuji GFX100s in very good condition with about 14.800 exposures. Asking price: 3.700 EUR
- Fujinon GF 35-70. This lens is in like-new condition. Asking price: 650 EUR
- Fringer Canon EF-GFX adapter. All my EF lenses work beautifully with it. Asking price: 350 EUR
- Zörk Pentax 645 - Canon EF shift adapter. Asking price: 200 EUR
- Novoflex Minolta MD - GFX adapter. Asking price: 90 EUR
- Minolta MD - GFX adapter. Asking price: 75 EUR
- Fotodiox Pro Pentax 645 - GFX adapter. Asking price: 90 EUR
- RAF camera M65 - GFX adapter. Asking price: 45 EUR
- Linhof M679 / Techno to GFX adapter. Asking price: 350 EUR

Thanks for looking!
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Bump - ask me for a bundle price!

I’m also considering to downgrade to a 50R.
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Shipping to the US is not a problem, even though there will be some customs fees. For now, I’d like to sell the entire bundle.


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Bump - I also would break up the kit and sell the GFX100s separately or with selected adapters.
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