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FS: Hasselblad 203FE, 2000FC/M, 50FE, 250FE and more (EU)


New member
I am selling my Hasselblad system, due to a switch to Rolleiflex. The following items are for sale, and are generally in used but good-to-great condition. Everything works, and the lenses have clean glass. The only item with something other than mere signs of use is the 2000FC/M (see below).

Price is for the item only, please add shipping and PayPal fees, if a bank transfer is not possible. I am cwhimster on e*ay with 292 positive ratings (100%). Feel free to email me with price offers, but keep things reasonable, and please justify your offer via links, if it differs from mine by more than a little bit. I reserve the right to ignore ridiculous offers. The items for sale are as follows:

Hasselblad Lens Hood - 45 Euro

Hasselblad NC-2 45 Degree Viewfinder w/ Eye Cup - 60 Euro

Hasselblad Chrome Waist Level Finder - 30 Euro

Hasselblad Black Waist Level Finder - 30 Euro

Hasselblad Strap - 40 Euro

Hasselblad 50mm f/2.8 Distagon FE - 700 Euro

Hasselblad 250mm f/4.0 Tele-Tessar FE - 800 Euro

Hasselblad 203FE - 1500 Euro

Hasselblad A12 Film Back -150 Euro

Hasselblad 2000FC/M + A12 Film Back - 600 Euro


Hasselblad Lens Hood for 110/2, 250/4, etc., good shape:

Hasselblad NC-2 45 Degree Prism, very clean:

Hasselblad Chrome Waist Level Finder, older style, some wear on chrome, mild corrosion inside:

Hasselblad Black Waist Level Finder, some chips in black chrome, otherwise clean:

Hasselblad Strap, used but great shape:

Hasselblad 50mm f/2.8 Distagon FE, very clean, includes hard-to-find there-piece filter holder/hood:

Hasselblad 250mm f/4 Tele-Tessar FE, used but great shape, apart from missing paint on some numerals:

Hasselblad 203FE, very clean, used:

Hasselblad A12 Film Back, very clean, matching numbers:

Hasselblad 2000 FC/M + A12 Back, sight ding in first curtain (hasn't affected operation or gotten worse with time), used, and back is very clean with matching numbers (I am not splitting these up since I am anticipating not selling them, and still own a 110/2 which I can then use with this):



New member
Two more items:

Hasselblad 110mm f/2 FE - 1200 Euro
The glass is perfect. The box, FE booklet and original Hasselblad leather pouch are also present.

Hasselblad Hood for 110/2 - 50 Euro



New member
By the way, not that it changes that much, but I discovered that I have the box and booklet for the 203FE. It has two stickers on it, but is otherwise in good shape.