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FS: Hasselblad 250mm Superachromat CF


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Rare Hasselblad 250mm Superachromat 5.6 CF. Excellent condition, optics and aperture blades are clean. Well centered version, see tests below.

Minor dust as per normal given the lens age. Body has a light scuff (shown), it's not a dent, more of a paint chip, it's barely felt when running your fingers across it. I picked this up from a fellow FM member for a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and it worked amazingly well on my Cambo / Hasselblad setup. Even pairs nicely with 2X extenders (both 2XE and Mutar 2X, which I will be listing soon).

Comes with Hasselblad front and rear caps.

$2400 Paypal + 3% Insured shipping included.

Sample test chart shot from this copy @ f11, full res link below

*** Full Resolution For Above *** -

Highly Technical Banana Test Image

Full scene

100% crop from above

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