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FS: jinfinance Leica M to Micro Four Thirds adapters (for sale from EU)


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I'm selling my two jinfinance Leica M to Micro Four Thirds adapters.
The first one I received from the very first batch didn't reach infinity so I had it replaced with a new one from a new batch with infinity ability, and I didn't have to return the first one.

I paid 88.45 USD for the adapter and I am now selling both of them for 65 USD plus shipping, which equals about 46 EUR plus shipping.

They have only been used a few couple of times on my wife's G1, just to try out my M lenses on M4/3.
I myself never went on with the Micro Four Thirds format and I also sold my Leica M lenses, so these adapters are literally like new.

This picture was taken today.

click for larger - in some browsers F11 deactivates and again activates <-> menu lines



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And these pictures plus the screen dump were taken when I purchased the adapter and had it replaced with a new one with the right thickness (the one with the model name).



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ok, so how about a somewhat lowered price - plus a portrait en face :angel:

like 60 USD plus shipping which equals 46 EUR plus shipping, with today's exchange rates

click for natural size - in some browsers the F11 key maximizes and again minimizes <-> the web browser window

Nikon D300 • Carl Zeiss Makro-Planar 2/100mm ZF • 1/30 sec at f/4 ISO 200 • Capture NX


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still nobody ?

so what if I lower the price to

50 USD plus shipping

which equals 38 EUR plus shipping

or 31 GBP plus shipping, with today's exchange rates

and I'll take the PayPal fees