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FS: Leica M9


Nice used M9 with original box, papers, adapter and battery.
$2900 delivered

Check, wire or deposit only.



New member
I don't think it's the price that scares people... it's most likely the "Check, wire or deposit only" part... great price.


Yup. I am actively shopping for an M9, but insist on paying with my credit card or PayPal both for the protection and the speed.


Well-known member
Victor is a member of the GetDPI family. I wouldn't hesitate about the check, wire or deposit.

I'm more worried about hiding this listing from my son.



Thank you for the endorsement!!!

I don't have Paypal (and others have had bad experience). I also can't take CC. I have sold a lot of equipment this way, including most recently a P65+ back and camera and lenses. Never even considered that people would be nervous, but I do understand the caution though.


Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
Victor is a outstanding member here and has had many buy and sell items over the years. Never a complaint to me. But I do understand people's concerns and you always should be careful no doubt about it.


I bought this Leica refurbished about 2 years ago from a Leica store. I put several thousand on the counter which I think is in now the 5000s hex, so 20,000 actuations total. It has a few marks on the bottom edge, no dings that I can see, screen has a few minor marks. It works fine. Shutter looks good to me, but maybe you can tell from the image.
I mostly used as 'walk around' with the 28mm.

So bottom line, wasn't abused but is used, and I assume will continue working fine. I never had any problem since I bought it

Maybe you can tell the age from the SN 03842298

I didn't realize the shutter count (had to look up how to find it!) If its getting close to the expected lifetime, then maybe I should withdraw the item. What do you think? Some more life in it?