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FS: Leica Monochrom, 'better than new'?

My Leica MM has returned from CCD sensor replacement, and in the meantime I've moved on to other projects besides monochrome.

It's 'better than new' in the sense that the replacement sensors aren't subject to corrosion. And it's accompanied by a test certificate guaranteeing all functions meet factory specs. Since its return from Leica I've removed it from its wrapper only to photograph it (below).

I completed a BW project of about 7K exposures with this body. (Plenty of work from project posted here on DPI). It has always worn a a screen protector. The baseplate still has its protective cover. No dings or scratches. To my eye it doesn't show 'brassing' but is just starting to 'glow' on the edges. With its original boxes, battery, charger, strap, and manual, $3400. (CONUS only.) You pay PayPal, I'll pay shipping.

I also have a bunch of accessories – RRS L-bracket, 2-slot ThumbsUp (to hold finder and level), yellow filters, etc. – to set it up as a landscape camera. Some or all of these could be purchased (at additional cost) along with the body; or if the purchaser doesn't need them, I'll post them separately later.






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I've had some interest in this, but from folks who didn't read the note "CONUS only." Any CONUS interest? I'd prefer not to ship overseas.



I will ship mine (prefer to) within the EU. It is used and is not better than new. I am not sure if I listed it before though.
A prospective buyer asked me to be exact about the shutter count, so I tested it and got 8776. The engineering standard is 150K, so I was 1.2% off. Sorry!