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FS: M 50 Cron and M 35 Cron


New member
I am selling my 35 Cron (Chrome Silver LNIB) and 50 Cron (Chrome Silver LNIB). I have the 50 Lux and 35 Lux so these neat little guys rarely come out to play. There are no marks,dust,fungus or scratches on either of these beauties. The size of the crons make them ideal for a lightweight travel kit.

Asking prices:

35 Cron with coding and Leica silver uv/ir filter..........$1400

50 Cron with coding and Leica silver uv/ir filter..........$900

If interested give me a PM or call me at (970) 231-8110

Woody Spedden


New member
More images of the 35 Cron

Here are more images of the 35 Cron. Sorry it takes two threads to display the six images.



Sr. Administrator
Staff member
Re: M 50 Cron and M 35 Cron

Woody, all you need to do to get more than 5 images in a thread is add a reply to your existing thread, and you can then add 5 more images with each reply --- no need to start a new thread. I merged the two separate threads for you ;)

Jim Stone

Workshop Member
Re: M 50 Cron and M 35 Cron


Good to see you on here. Hope all is well since Yosemite. You have way toooooo many lenses!!! ;) LOL Good luck with the sale, they're beauties.


David K

Workshop Member
Re: M 50 Cron and M 35 Cron

Beautiful product shots of some great glass Woody. Glad to see you here with many of my other friends. The site looks great too.