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FS: Noctilux f1 E58

The E58 is the first of the f1 Noctiluxes, designed by Walter Mandler. It offers the classic rendering of a Mandler lens with emphasis more on tonality than on contrast. I have both the f1 and f0.95 but don't need both, and for quite a while I've had trouble deciding which to sell. The f1 vignettes more, but produces less chromatic aberration. Hard choice.

I think its condition could be rated 9: optically top-notch but cosmetically showing small signs of use, with no dings/scratches. I looked up the prices asked on eBay, and they seem to range from $4999 without hood to $5895 with the original hood. This one has an aftermarket hood, not the original #12519. So I'll ask $4999, but am open to a reasonable offer. You pay Paypal, I'll pay shipping (CONUS only). Not interested in trading.

This is the lens in its box with aftermarket hood. The box, however, has a higher serial number than on the lens. This is how it came – no plastic bubble or leather pouch.

View attachment 126606

From the front: I looked through the lens with a flashlight and saw only a little dust – less than one might expect in a lens of this vintage. No haze and no oil on the aperture blades.

View attachment 126607

Here's the back view – in original condition with no signs of wear on mount – and not subsequently coded.

View attachment 126608

Here are three side views, rotating the lens 1/3 each time. It shows a bit of wear on the focusing ring.

View attachment 126609
View attachment 126610
View attachment 126611

The only important sign of wear appears on the lens cap. A previous owner might have had the habit of putting the cap in his pocket with his keys when he was shooting, so it shows some scuffs.

The previous owner and I regularly used a B+W filter over the lens. You have to choose, however, between using either the lens hood or a filter. If you use both together you get a tiny corner cut-off.

Thanks for looking – and let me know if interested,

Kirk T.
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Deposit received, so it's sold. But I've finished the project I was working on and can sell my f0.95 Noctilux too. Please contact me if interested and I'll hurry up to do something about it!