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FS: Phase One P45+ Digital Magazine Back for Hasselblad V Mt. US$2850

This one is priced a lot lower than average sold price.

Here’s the reason. When it underexposes 2-3 stops, there is a “line” can be seen around right side 1/3 place. It won’t show under regular shooting/exposure. Samples have been uploaded to show what it looks like. And if you search on the web, many P45+ have this problem but it does not bother 90% of the shooting. Phase one US offers a service to deal with the line (software block) seems to be working fine from what I read from some phase one forum. If I remember correctly is it Dave from Capture Integration who grabs a coffee and sit down with you and show you how to do it?

It shows some regular signs of usage nothing too serious. It has 170k shutter count on it. Not on the low side but still has quite some life left. These backs can do 250k-300k normally (the highest I’ve seen is 1.2mil from a dealer).

So US$2850 net. PayPal is accepted. Reference available.

Pic with bridge is taken with regular exposure so no line shows.


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