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FS: Rodenstock Apo-Sironar digital HR 28mm f 4.5


New member
Also a 24mm digitar XL and a 35mm digitar XL not in cambo mount, not with helicoid, just copal shutters /3500 euro for both
You should make a new thread for these. I have no need for anymore lenses or bodies, as changed to Alpa and Rodenstock lenses. Hopefully someone else is a buyer for you. And I have also Cambo WDS w/ V plate and 35mm Schneider XL Digitar and 47mm Schneider Digitar in Cambo mount, that I should sell.


Everything related to Cambo is sold (Rodenstock 28mm too).
Both Apo digitar XL lenses (24 & 35mm) reduced for 2600 euro.