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FS: Rodenstock Apo Sironar-S 6,8/360 mm in prontor pro 3, located in EU


Active member
For Sale :
the ultimative lens for 8x10 and bigger formats:
Rodenstock Apo Sironar-S 6,8/360 mm in prontor professional 3 shutter ( Rodenstock faktory mounted lens!)
in absolutly mint condition, used also few times indoor only.
There are no visible sights of usement.
Price: 3500 euro
located in EU.


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Yes, afcourse. It is an oustandig sharp lens even on newest digital backs. Paul from this forum testet the same lens even the 150 back and the results are impressive.
All the -s line lenses were convertet to rodenstock digital line.


May I ask what digital system you used to test this lens? And if convenient, can you please post high resolution pictures of the test? I'm extremely curious about the resolving power in the center and in the shift limit of this lens. Thank you so much in advance.


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There are no limits for movements with this lens. The lens allow movement on 11x14 inch. The only only one limitation will be the camera.
I use few cameras with such longer lenses
Like technika 5x7 eith reductionsback and shift-sliding back, also sinar p and arca swiss. I can make some test, need your emailadress for sending the files.