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FS: Sony A7rII with Kolari mod for Leica M lenses

It's time to sell my A7RII with Kolari sensor modification. The modification makes it more compatible with Leica and other 'legacy' M-mount lenses. It includes a Leica M to Sony FE adapter and the usual accessories. It did much of the work for this book (SHADOWSCAPES - Kirk Thompson Photography) and has been my backup camera since moving to medium format. But it’s finally time for it to find it a new home.

Regarding the Kolari A7rII M-lens modification: Sony uses a thick sensor cover glass that diffuses the corners when you use lenses with a short distance between rear element and sensor. Kolari replaces this glass with a cover of the same thickness as Leica uses on M-series digital cameras. It lets you use lenses from 35mm Summicron and longer at wide apertures without corner diffusion.

For full description see
Kolari offers a LR/ACR camera profile to retain color accuracy.

Included with the camera body:

Voigtlander Leica M to Sony FE adapter
3 batteries
Original User’s Manual (better one on Sony website)
Copy of Kolari certificate

The camera shows few (or no?) signs of use, has almost always been used on a tripod, and has always had a screen protector. It probably has a medium shutter count, not because it’s been used a lot but because of multiple exposures for bracketing, stitching, and focus stacking.

A7rIIs seem to be selling for about $1200. The modification costs $400, so I’m guessing that $1450 with adapter and L-bracket is a fair price. I can consider other offers if this doesn’t seem reasonable.

ConUS sale only; you pay PayPal and I pay shipping. The original box was stored in a wet spot (without the camera in it!) and is ugly, but is good for shipping.

Thanks for looking,


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phil devries

New member
Make offer?

Hi Kirk,
I've been a member/buyer on this forum for some years. Look me up on Wiki. I recently bought a a7rii and am learning that camera, but I've been a Leica m shooter for a long time. The idea of using my stable of Leica glass on a Sony full frame is intriguing. Thus my interest in your add. If still available, my question is: "can you direct me to some images taken with this set-up using various Leica lenses that show how it performs. Then I can think about your gear offering. Thanks for your time,