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Fuji GFX100S first lock up


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Apologies for the cross post from the Fuji forum but I know that many Fuji GFX shooters are here:

Shooting tonight using my GX100s and 250 + TC combo. I was using 10s delay on shutter, OIS off on lens, all on big tripod. For about 45 minutes everything was fine but then the delayed shutter didn't fire. I powered off, the screen and camera looked as if they were all on still including LCD but I couldn't change anything. The LED under the Q button continued to flash but no delayed capture.

I removed the battery to reset the camera. I had the same experience. I removed the battery and the lens. then reassembled and everything was working fine again.

Anyone else run into this?

Joe Colson

Well-known member
Not yet. How many shutter clicks have you put on the camera? I'm probably at the low end of usage statistics.



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Pretty low - 150 images based on the filenumber. It was while shooting with 250/14.TC. It cleared up after removing the lens and battery so we'll see if it rears its head again.


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What SD card are you using? My 100s did lots of weird things due to a bad handshake with one of my Sony Touch Cards. I ordered one of the new SanDisk cards which are the same speed as the fastest Tough cards and I have had no issues so far. Just got back from Page and shot with it and the SandDisk card in slot 1 with no hiccups. I know it sounds kind of strange that a memory card could interfere with the camera but that Tough card made my camera reset all sorts of settings. A real head scratcher.....

Victor B.