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Fuji X trans IQ and Olympus OMD IQ


Workshop Member
Hmmm, I don't know about this. A combo EVF/OVF doesn't beat the competition? Fuji's lenses don't beat the competition? Fuji's ergonomics and dedicated shutter speed dial / aperture rings don't beat the competition? OR were you only talking about specs on paper?
Ha, ha, ha,....

The combo EVF/OVF of the XPro1 is just not up to the level of other EVFs and in NO CASE up to the level of Leica OVF!

Fuji lenses are not better than other lenses from Olympus, Panasonic etc....

Ergonomics - there is actually NO REAL new invention, dedicated shutter speed dials and aperture rings are around since decades and only miss in some lower end cameras today.

So what's the point about all that "Fuji is better" or "Fuji is the new Leica" etc. etc ...

While Fuji is not a bad camera, it definitely does not beat the competition by any means - no longer!


New member
Well . . . . . I think that all these cameras (X, OMD, Leica, whatever your poison) produce fantastic images.

So that deciding on a camera these days on image quality is really odd - the image quality is always fine.

So you should decide on the camera that suits your style best; which offers you the options you need. more to the point, the camera that floats your boat and makes you happy to take photographs
I'll drink to that, hic:salute: