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FUJIFILM GFX100S - On Sale & In Stock Now!

Bianca Ranciato

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DC1268_FUJIFILM-GFX-GF-Lenses-may-promo-1200x400 copy.png ci-headshots-8-21_11940-1-2000x2000.jpeg

Hi All!

Bianca from Capture Integration here!

We haven't often seen Fujifilm run deals for the GFX100S, so we wanted to shout this one out!

We have plenty of GFX100S bodies in stock here at CI, as well as all the GF lenses on this special!

Feel free to reach out to me via email at [email protected]. Or checkout this special on our online store by clicking the links below...

GFX100S Camera Body - $500 OFF

GFX50S II Camera Body - $800 OFF

GF110mm Lens - $500 OFF

GF35-70mm Lens - $550 OFF

GF80mm Lens - $450 OFF

GF45-100mm Lens - $450 OFF

GF32-64mm Lens - $450 OFF

GF100-200mm Lens - $400 OFF

GF50mm Lens - $250 OFF
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I hear a new version of the GFX100S is imminent (1 or 2 months time? Sale time usually or can mean something new is coming along ......