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Fujinon GX lenses on digital medium format


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SONY DSC by Nokton48, on Flickr

The Fuji GX680 Lens Set, from left 125mm F5.6 GX680, 210mm F5.6 GX680, and right the 250mm F5.6 GX680. All neatly shuttered Seiko LS23 Shutters from Fujinon WS lenses. lensboards 3D printed from the Guy in Italy, light seals added by me using Rotary Cutter to cut strips. Works good Minolta SRT Cable Releases (Good Ones!) 82mm Yellow Filters, Rubber Lenshood. Lens on left not finished, needs JB Welded Ring to board, back cell lip removed by me with grinder (to back focus on Makiflex) now needs brush painted with Krylon. Also I will Krylon the back of the lens board to make sure no leaks.