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Fun w/Digital M Images

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Wow Tim, I'm surprised we haven't run into each other yet. I'm often flying by on my bike at that very exact spot....or conversely stopping to take pics at various times of the day (when I have a break), of the very low flying jetliners coming in for a landing. For those that might not know, the planes (full sized jetlines) where Tim took his shot often fly so low (just above treetop level) it's easy to see the pilots and passenger's faces. What makes a cool shot is do an about-face and the jets come in low with some of the Nat'l monuments just behind them.

Lovely time of day when you shot Tim.

Dave (D&A)
Lenticularis, you captured some lovely lighting in your series of shots. Nice set!

Dave (D&A)
Thanks Lloyd and D&A for comments and others for likes. (I am also a David / Dave.)
The G45 shot was funny, in that it was originally composed as a landscape format. I was so engrossed in getting the leaves sharp that I failed to notice a dog turd was occupying the scene in the orig landscape pose. :eek:

After using the M8, I can't wait for the M9. My 5D III is a great cam, but I prefer the Leica look from the CCD and lens combos.

jabberwocky - such a terribly poignant street shot of the homeless person and their love for their dog.
Maggie O - stunning bee/flower shots from that new Nokton.
TimothyHyde - that cyclist shows off the quality of the M and APO, not to mention your skills at capture.

ceh - Love the interplay between the two dogs and it proves that we buy dogs in our own likeness!
ZoranC - Again, a very poignant monument and I loved the other shots of your hike in those mountains.

Mike Woods

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Hi all!

It's been a while since I posted here. Sold the M9-P a few months ago and have been waiting for my M to show, which it did last week!

One of the early ones, with the 50 'lux:




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Been in a slump lately... what can you do? Just keep shooting, I guess. I did get one crazy flare shot from the 50'Lux:

This surprisingly came out best with blue filter applied in PP:

The Leica glow? Nah...


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Thank you all for the sharing of your images. Very inspiring.

new lens Nokton looks just fantastic!
I consider to prefer it over Summilux 1.4/50.
Any idea?

congratulations to your new camera! Have you got any remarks yet about in what it is better, worse or - which is the most important - what is the image quality compared with the M9?

It's a pity that in the web size it isn't possible to assess the 50 AA quality. But I believe that in the real size and on the paper it must be astonishing.
Mike that's a timeless photo of the Avon weir at alma mater.

In the mid-late 70s there was a great pizza takeaway shop in the terrace underneath the dome, run by an Englishwoman and her Italian husband. Probably the first pizza I tasted in fact (in those days not much pizza in Ireland where I hailed from!).
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